Walk the triple peaks of Ling Fell, Sale Fell and Lothwaite from Riggs Cottage

Please note that although this walk starts off on the same route as the "Around Sale Fell" walk it is much more strenuous. It involves over twice the distance and significantly more up and down. The walk takes you around the western flank of Sale Fell and into the peaceful hidden Wythop Valley to the south. After crossing Brumston Bridge the walk continues around and up the Corpse Road on the northern side of Ling Fell before climbing steeply to the summit for views of the coast and Scotland (on a good day). It then descends back into the Wythop valley before turning steeply uphill again at Kelswick farmhouse and climbs to the summit of Sale Fell. The path then continues slightly downhill before gently climbing to the summit of Lothwaite with superb views of Skiddaw, Dodd and Bassenthwaite Lake. The walk concludes with a descent through a small valley around the north eastern side of Sale Fell and back onto the hillside above Riggs Cottage.
Total length of walk (including walking up the track from the cottage) is 13kms (8 miles). The total ascent and descent is 707m (2500ft) with a highest point of 390m (1280ft). Riggs Cottage is at 100m (330ft). The walk, stopping to admire the views but without a picnic, at a gentle pace should take about 4 hours.


(1) From the cottage walk up the concrete track to the road. Turn right and follow the road along for about 100 metres and you willl see a gate on the left leading onto the fell. Go throught the gate and follow the track up through the gorse bushes.

(2) As you you walk up the path there are views of Bassenthwaite Lake and Binsey

(3) Very shortly you will reach a wooden bench. From here you can see into the Vale of Embleton.
The nearby church is St Margaret's built in 1866

(4) Beyond the bench the path leads on through a gap in the wall. Shortly after the gap you will meet another path. Turn right onto this path and follow it along the northern flank of Sale Fell


(5) The path continues in a westerly direction and starts to climb gently around the fell

(6) The path now continues to the left (south) onto the western edge of Sale Fell. A short while after turning southwards there is a path going off to the left. This path leads to the summit of Sale Fell. However for this walk we continue straight on.

(7) After the turnoff to the summit the path starts to descend into the Wythop Valley. Ling Fell, our first peak, can be seen to the right.

(8) The main path now swings left leaving the wall you have been following. You now have 3 choices of how to descend to the road below. Straight on following the wall down is the quickest and shortest route but it is very steep. Turn right at the road.


(8 ALTERNATE 1) A middling route is to swing left and follow the main path for a few hundred metres where you will come to a bench with a descending path opposite. This path looks attractive at the top but gets steeper further down. It is still a better option than the first route. Turn right onto the road at the bottom.

(8 ALTERNATE 2) Alternatively you can keep following the main path and in another few hundred metres or so it will descend gently to the road. When you reach the road turn right.

(9) If you decided against the path by the wall then you see this view of Lingfell as you descend. The road you are trying to reach can be seen below.

(10) After passing through the gate you will soon come to a junction. Turn left and cross the beck. Continue uphill and you will shortly come to a T junction. Turn right.


(11) After a short while you will see this gate leading onto the paths around Ling Fell. Go through the gate and follow the path straight ahead following a fence on the right

(12) In a few metres there a number of paths converging. Follow the path ahead (Corpse Road) gently climbing the northern slopes of Ling Fell

(13) You will now traverse the length of Ling Fell climbing gently as you go. To your right you can see the hamlet of Wythop Mill below and if you look back there are excellent views of the corner of Bassenthwaite Lake and Sale Fell.

(14) After about another 5 minutes walking the path splits. You will need to take the left hand turn which will start to lead you much more steeply uphill.


(15) Keep following the obvious path around the western flank of Lingfell, after a number of twists and turns it will swing to the east still climbing uphill. After 10-15 minutes follow this right fork up the hill. The marker for the top soon comes into sight after a short but steep climb.

(16) At the top there are good views. On most days the coast can be seen and sometimes Scotland is visible across the Solway Firth. Leave by the major path to the East (biggest path to left when you reached the marker). To confirm you will quickly come to a small pile of stones.

(17) The path starts a gentle descent in the general direction of Skiddaw (east). It will start to steepen as you come round onto the eastern flank of Lingfell. Eventually if will reach a major track just before the fence line. Turn left here and follow the track back to the gate you entered by.

(18) Retrace your route along the road but when you reach the turning to the left ignore it and continue straight on. The road takes you down the southern side of the quiet Wythop valley. You will eventually come to Old Scales farm. Turn left here through the gate just past an old stone barn.


(19) Follow the path across the meadow with a deep ditch on your left, through the gate at the end of the meadow and continue straight on towards Kelswick farm which you can see on the hillside ahead. Go through the gate ahead which leads immediately onto a bridge over Wythop Beck.

(20) After crossing Wythop Beck turn half right towards the trees and soon when you reach a fence line follow it uphill towards Kelswick farm with the fence to your left. You will soon see a major path crossing left to right ahead of you. Climb up to this path and turn left and go through the gate onto the road by Kelswick Farm.

(21) Follow the road along with Kelswick farm on your right. You will come to a path to the right just after the farm. Turn up this path. It climbs moderately steeply uphill with the farm on your right hand side. Just past the farm you will come to a gate ahead. Pass through this gate and follow the path uphill with the stone wall close to your left.


(22) After a steepish climb you will come to a gate in the wall. Turn left here to climb to the summit of Sale Fell which is not far away. Climb ahead on the broad grassy path. The summit of Sale Fell is rather disappointing with simply a stoney area to mark the top. However you will see a couple of grassy paths to the north leading up to grassy knolls which are blocking the view. Cross over to this area for excellent views to the north (Scotland again, northern part of Bassenthwaite Lake and the Embleton Valley). Now retrace your steps back to the gate.

(23) Continue straight ahead onto a wide grass path. A large stone cairn can be seen in the distance. Follow the path to this cairn. Keep following the main path as it bends to the left and descends slightly before climbing to Lothwaite. The path is following the line of the steep drop-off down towards Bassenthwaite Lake.

(24) Don’t be tempted by side paths and keep following the main path. You will be rewarded with magnificent views very soon.


(25) You will come to a bench on the right. This has superb views of Bassenthwaite Lake and Skiddaw. Pause here a while to enjoy.

(26) Most of Bassenthwaite can be seen from here along with Skiddaw on the other side of the lake.

(27) There are also good views back into the ‘hanging’ Wythop Valley. Continue straight along the path until it comes to a wall and fence ahead. Turn left.

(28) Follow the path gently down as it bends to the left and right towards a broad valley ahead


(29) Following the valley the path will turn to the left and descend to a stream with a gate in the wall beyond. Take the stepping stones over the stream but care is required. Once across follow the path through the gate and turn right onto the path.

(30) The path then starts to descend again and eventually turns to the west. The Vale of Embleton starts to appear ahead of us.

(31) As we round the corner Bassenthwaite comes back into sight and below us can be seen the hamlet of Routenbeck with the Pheasant Inn off to the right below the trees.

(32) Continue descending the steepening path, ignoring paths to the left and shortly St Margaret's church can be seen ahead. If you look carefully then Riggs Cottage can be seen on the lower slopes below although is is partially hidden by trees. The path then arrives back at the wooden bench above the church. Follow the path to the right back down to the road and retrace your steps to Riggs Cottage.